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Monday, June 05, 2006


I love listening to "Hair Nation" on Sirius (FYI - I also totally dig I guess I am just getting old, and like listening to old school rock and hip-hop).
Yesterday, a song by Slaughter came on. I don't remember which song, it's erroneous anyway. I do know that it WASN'T "Up all night", "Fly to the angels" or "Spend my life"...

I cannot believe I actually listened to and LIKED this band? Listening back now, it sounds like nothing but a bunch of high-pitched screaming on the part of Mark Slaughter. The lyrics aren't even that great!

Don't get me wrong, I still love listening to old hair bands like Poison, and Bon Jovi and Warrant, etc. For some reason, to me there isn't as much screaming, their songs are a little more melodic, and I don't even mind the lyrics. I mean, who WASN'T touched by lyrics such as "I saw him, I saw red and then I closed the door" or "Every Rose has it's thorn just like every night has is dawn" "Heaven isn't too far away..closer to it every day".

But this Slaughter guy is just yelling and screaming and it is SO uncomfortable! And was he actually cute back then? I still think Bret Michaels is attractive (hiding his bald head with a bandanna or not)...And back in the day, that bass player for warrant was really cute in his day...Big eyebrowns or not (I wonder what he looks like today...I wonder what his name was. Jerry something I think.)


Anonymous me said...

It was Jerry Dixon... I was never that into him. That's so funny because I heard Slaughter the other night on xm's equivalent of hair nation and thought exactly the same thing..."oh my god, this pretty much sucks!" I always listen to that channel coming home from David's late at night, because I can sing all the lyrics to every song that comes on and it keeps me awake for my half hour journey. Guess what I heard last night? "Give it to me good" by Trixter. Remember that? It's still a fun song. Remember the neutrality act? I was really pissed that you got Nuno - in my head he was mine...

3:30 PM  
Blogger Stacia said...

Yes, Jerry Dixon. I wonder what he looks like now. I wonder if these guys still have the long, flowing locks?
Ah, "Give it to me Good" was a good's in my head now. How did I get Nuno in the N.A.? You must have traded him for, like, 2 or 3 good ones...And which of us got Cupcake?

3:33 PM  
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