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Monday, June 26, 2006

Girls, Girls, Girls

I saw one of "those girls" on the train the other day. You know the type. The pretty college girl. She'll finish school, work for a few years, get married (at about 25) to a nice young man with a good job (something financial...Accountant, analyst, etc), Have a few kids (3 probably), then stay at home in her beautiful big house in Roslyn, spending the day shopping and tending to the kids, getting manicures, etc. while her husband goes to work in the city every day, and fucks his secretary. The perfect life! She was very cute...very "proper". Wearing a "date dress". White cotton sleeves or straps across the top, and a huge a-line skirt. White cotton with black embroidered flowers with an adorable black bow at the waist. Then a 3/4" sleeve shrug...also with cute little bows on the sleeves.
I saw a lot of girls during my short night in the city. The ones wearing 4" heels even though they can't walk in them. Ankles wobbling with every step.
The "innocent slut"...the girl who has no intention of doing anything "naughty" on her night out in New York, but dresses like she does. Low cut top, boobs popping out of her push-up bra, frantically trying to keep covered up while she's walking. She's a off sexual vibes to the guys who eye her up in hopes that she lands a that cute metrosexual working his way up the corporate ladder in a boring office job...hoping he will sweep her off her feet over drinks at that little pub next door to the trendiest bar in the city (because they both got tired of waiting on line at the door).
I saw that other chick too. We all know at least one of these. The plain, homely girl. Not ugly, just not "special". She never took the time to learn how to fix herself up..can't wear make-up, has little to no fashion sense. She lives in NYC (probably a borough...brooklyn, queens) and fancies herself "culturally aware". She got tired of pining for the popular frat boy types, and embraced the fact that she wasn't their type. So, she settled for the foreign guy. A Phillipino maybe...or something similar. They're in love now. And have a baby! Good for her, if that's what makes her happy.
Then there were the Paris Hilton wannabes. All decked out in their little dresses. Of course with matching heels and purses. Hair perfectly coifed, skin perfectly tanned, chandelier earrings, make-up perfectly applied. Only, the guys they are hoping to attract don't see them as the celebutants they SO wish they were. The guys look at them and wonder which strip club they're working at. (Not necessarily a bad thing).
And there I stood, in the middle of it my jeans, flip-flops and t-shirt. Watching it all unfold. Wondering what the future holds for these people. For me. Do they know something I don't? All these people taking such different paths in life? Are they happy? Will they ever be completely happy, successful, fulfilled? Will I?


Anonymous me said...

You're such an amazing observer of people. Is it something that you work on or is it natural? I think if I could be more like you, I could become a much better writer. I never pay enough attention. I'll notice small things like "nice shoes," or "god she looks trashy," but that's where it ends. I don't think to speculate what may be going on in her life or what she's about... I really should try.

3:57 PM  
Blogger Stacia said...

Thanks! People watching is one of all time favorite past times...sad I guess. I often wonder though, what people assume my "deal" is. Which can be scary.

5:29 PM  

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